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Embracing Connection: Wireless Signs and the Spirit of Togetherness

Trinity and Personhood

I have been teaching a graduate course on the Trinity this semester and it has impelled me to think anew about the Trinity and what the implications of the Trinity might mean for future planetary life. As I wrote in my last blog, I do not think that we have a functioning trinitarian theology. We have a monarchic theology—a one-stop God—and many people cannot seem to move beyond it. For some people, a ruling divine monarch provides a sense of safety and security. As one parish priest said in a homily after the outbreak of the Gaza war: God is in control.    Last evening, I attended a beautiful Passover celebration and had a lovely conversation with a Rabbi who said to me,...
Jillian Langford

A July Reflection

By Jillian Langford I am the daughter of a newspaper copy editor. Growing up with a father whose job it was to literally read the newspaper front to back everyday…


The Beautiful Wholeness of Nature

Nature is an interlocking network of systems, an “unbearable wholeness of beings,” Steven Talbott wrote.[i] Nature is more flow than fixed. “The body,” he states, “is a formed”[ii] Structures, once…


Gun Violence and Technology

The killing of seven innocent people at a fourth of July celebration has now been added to the growing list of gun violence in this country.   We are momentarily shocked…

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Christophany Groups Update

Dear Christophany Groups and others interested in the C4C vision for wholeness and a constructive future! We have started Coffee Hours for you to appreciate C4C’s work and vision.  The…

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For All That Has Been, Thanks, For All That Will Be, Yes!

The month of June is quickly moving toward July, and before time escapes the velocity of light, I want to take a moment to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to…

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Seeds of a New Eden

I invite you to take a seed and quietly behold it in your hand.  It might be a ‘helicopter’ seed, a garden seed, a pinecone, or another seed that crosses…

Jillian Langford

June Reflection

June is a special month at the Center for Christogenesis. Each year, our staff takes time to reflect on our mission and vision. We take time to revisit our goals…


2022 Gold Nautilus Book Award

“The Hours of the Universe” by Ilia Delio has won a 2022 Gold Nautilus Book Award. “In a traditional monastery the recitation of the Hours calls to mind the work…


C4C June Fundraiser

Dear Friends, We seem to have survived a deadly global pandemic, but we find ourselves in a violent world where random killing is happening more frequently. Our world is out…

Heart of Matter

Heart of Matter Fallback Image

Heart of Matter: Conscious Evolution

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