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Listen to “An Audience with Ilia Delio” from the Aspen Chapel Retreat.

"An Audience with Ilia Delio" at Aspen Chapel Retreat. Ilia argues that quantum physics and neuroscience are key elements informing our understanding of spirituality and the future of both the human race and our planet.
Power to Change ON WHITE

Webinar: Breaking Down or Breaking Through?

The rapid development of artificial intelligence, including the new chat GPT software, has created deep fear in a world already facing a dire future due to global warming.  The influx…

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To Be Free: Imaginations by Ilia Delio

Every present moment is a chance to be free. May we take a step forward to a greater understanding of our connection to each other, resurrecting a new future, a…

The Wisdom of GodE

God of the Im/Possible

With the resurrection of Jesus Christ, time is interrupted and we are startled by a deeper reality: God is doing new things. Underneath a world racked by war, racial hatred,…

The Wisdom of GodGF

The Wisdom of the Cross

The paschal mystery is the center of Christian theology. The re-enactment of the last supper and the betrayal of Jesus, followed by his sentence of crucifixion, speak to us of…

FBCopy of Scripture Meets Science (Facebook Post (Landscape))

Webinar: Scripture Meets Science

The greatest obstacle to religion today does not come so much from atheists but from the neo-foundationalists whose fundamental tenets of religion claim ontological certainty. These are the religious fundamentalists…

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Does God Suffer?

The name “God” reflects the incomprehensible wellspring of love at the heart of an expanding universe. The Christian understanding of God’s relational nature begins with the first divine person, the…

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Seeing with Two Pairs of Eyes

“Our life is a faint tracing on the surface of mystery, like the idle, curved tunnels of leaf miners on the face of a leaf,” writes Annie Dillard.[1] This simple…

Bridge connecting desolate land and green positive floating island. Step to new opportunity from depression concept

Webinar: Will Christianity Survive?

The German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, we must become gods ourselves if we are to live in this world without God. Is this blasphemy or the deeper truth of…

a girl holds a lighted candle in her hands, a religious traditio

Why Tradition Matters

by Ilia Delio The death of Pope Benedict XVI was a significant turning point in the Catholic Church. The Vatican’s watchdog of the magisterium was a medieval scholar, a noteworthy…

Heart of Matter

Heart of Matter Fallback Image

Heart of Matter: A Discovery

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