A New World is Dawning in our Midst

Dear Friends,

I just finished teaching two classes of fifty students, between eighteen and twenty-one years old, on many of the ideas we discuss at the Center for Christogenesis. The younger generations get it. They are eager to build a world where religion is the vitalizing energy of all aspects of life.  We can help younger generations build for tomorrow by providing tools and frameworks that help them see the connections between science and religion, faith and evolution, as well as knowing the depths of their own inner lives.  The Center for Christogenesis is committed to a new vision of planetary life bound by love. What we provide are ways of understanding, coming to a deeper sense of who we are as human persons and what we seek up ahead.

A new world is dawning in our midst.  The Center for Christogenesis aims to illuminate what is emerging and to provide tools and principles to live into this new world as co-creators and artisans of the future.

However, we need your help!  Without you we cannot adequately support our wonderful staff, update our technology, develop new programs or continue to build our website.  You are the heart of the Center, and we are grateful for each one of you.  Only together can the beauty of God’s love express itself because beauty is the harmony of contrasts.

Please consider donating today!


Blessings and peace,


Sr. Ilia Delio, OSF

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