Hunger for Wholeness

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Finding Consciousness at the Heart of it All with Neil Theise (Part 2)

Episode Description In part two, Ilia Delio and Neil Theise unpack the implications of complexity theory for human life, especially...
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How Deep Down the Complexity Goes with Neil Theise (Part 1)

In the first part of their conversation Ilia Delio asks stem cell researcher and author, Neil Theise, about this journey...
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How Fear Arrested Our Theological Imagination with Fr. Dan Horan (Part 2)

In part two of their discussion Ilia Delio asks Fr. Dan Horan about the way forward, and how fear arrests...
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What Thomas Merton Would Say Today with Fr. Dan Horan (Part 1)

Ilia Delio interviews Fr. Dan Horan, professor of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology at Saint Mary’s College and author of...
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Will There Ever Be Conscious AI with Philip Goff (Part 2)

In part 2 of their interview, Ilia Delio and Philip Goff continue their conversation about consciousness and how science and...
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What is Consciousness and Where is It (Panpsychism) with Philip Goff (Part 1)

Ilia Delio interviews philosopher and author Philip Goff on the big questions of consciousness. What is it? And how does...
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Can Sacrifices Make a Better Future with Bruce Epperly (Part 2)

Building on their conversation in Part 1, Ilia Delio and Bruce Epperly unpack what it means to see the divine...
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How Process Heals Divisions with Bruce Epperly (Part 1)

Ilia Delio is joined by process theologian Bruce Epperly for an honest conversation looking at the divisiveness at work in...
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How We Change the Direction of the Wind with Ronald Rolheiser (Part 2)

In the second part of Ilia Delio’s conversation with Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, Ilia asks what Ron’s hope is for the...

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

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