About The Center for Christogenesis

The Vision

The Center for Christogenesis envisions an emerging wholeness of God, world, and humanity through the transformative power of love in our scientific age.


The divisive fragmentation of our age reflects a need for a new holistic synergy of science and spirituality to heal our divisions, deepen our compassion, and ignite the human spirit toward greater unity and flourishing. The Teilhardian concept of “Omega”—upon which our Center’s vision and work is based—is understood not as destination, but as deepening toward a more unified future. Omega is the revelation of God as the fullness of love, the dynamic center at the heart of all Creation.

Spiritual Evolution

If evolution is the story of the cosmos, that is, the order of physical reality, then evolution is essential to our understanding of God and God’s relationship to the world.

Evolution marks the break from a closed, static, world of law and order to an open world of change and play. Evolution tells us that nature is not a closed, causal system of events but a complex series of fluid, dynamic, interlocking, and communicative relationships.

While scientists continue to understand how evolution works for physical systems, the Center for Christogenesis seeks to understand how evolution works for religious systems, as physical reality and spiritual reality are intertwined.

Continual Creation

As a process of evolution, the universe is incomplete, and we humans are incomplete. We can change, grow, and become something new. We have the power to do so, but do we have the will?

The Center for Christogenesis seeks to create a new religious imagination that ignites our energies to move beyond mediocrity and fear, one that anticipates a new future of planet life.

We are an unfinished species, corporately and personally, grounded in an infinite depth of Love; thus openness to love and what this means in terms of creatively reinventing ourselves as persons in evolution is the challenge ahead of us.

Cosmic Wholemaking

Love is the fundamental energy of evolution. Love is a consciousness of belonging to another, of being part of a whole. To love is to be on the way toward integral wholeness, to live with an openness of mind and heart, to encounter the other—not as stranger—but as another part of oneself. When we enter into the heart of love, that integral wholeness of love that is God, we enter into the field of relatedness and come to see that we are wholes within wholes.

The Center of Christogenesis seeks to foster a new consciousness that is so needed today, an integral wholeness of love that is open to new life; a being-at-home in love that can evolve. By centering itself on the fundamental energy of love, Christianity (and all religions) can find new meaning and purpose by allowing modern science to challenge its stories and, at the same time, to offer the world of scientific reductionism a creative vision for the world.

The Mission

The mission of the Center for Christogenesis is to deepen Teilhard de Chardin’s integration of science and spirituality by providing insights and practices to enkindle awareness of love at the heart of reality.

Educational Resources and Events

Online Magazine: New Creation is an online magazine dedicated to exploring the theology and spirituality of the Christogenesis worldview.

Webinars: We host monthly Zoom webinars with Ilia Delio and other spiritual leaders for Center for Christogenesis participants.

Annual Conferences: We hold annual conferences to bring our international community together to “Explore Love at the Heart of the Universe.”

Christophany Groups

Christophany Groups are local spiritual gatherings throughout the United States and around the world. The vision for these groups is to heal our world and transform lives through the real world experience of communal reflection, shared friendship, and collective spiritual practice. Christophany Groups are created and managed locally by Center for Christogenesis readers  who seek to actualize the Teilhardian vision of Ilia Delio in their communities.

About Ilia Delio

Ilia Delio, OSF is a Franciscan Sister of Washington, DC and American theologian specializing in the area of science and religion, with interests in evolution, physics and neuroscience and the import of these for theology.

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"Your statement that "Christ does not only belong to the Jesus of history" made my heart leap with joy, resonating a truth of my prayer. I am grateful beyond words for your work."
Lauretta Monise
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