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a large flock of starlings in the sunset sky

Dancing Into the Future

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my grown son on New Year’s Day, and we talked about our approaches to the New Year. My son shared that he…

fish mosaic

Seeing with Two Pairs of Eyes

“Our life is a faint tracing on the surface of mystery, like the idle, curved tunnels of leaf miners on the face of a leaf,” writes Annie Dillard.[1] This simple…

Computer Vision - Field of Artificial Intelligence that Enables Computers to Extract Meaningful Information from Digital Images - Conceptual Illustration

Seeing Our Way Forward Through the Unifying Lens of Love

It’s a cold and foggy morning in western Kentucky. The colors are muted, and outlines of shapes and forms are increasingly blurred as you look towards the distance to a…

Inner World series. Background composition of  digital colors on the subject of Universe, Nature, creativity and imagination

A Deep Dive into Cosmotheandrism

In a previous post, I explored the idea of a cosmotheandric language of belonging and resolved that “without the wild energy of Ruach our religious endeavors are cut off from…

Photo Credit: Lukasz Kochanek

A Cosmotheandric Language of Belonging

It is no secret that I love England and greatly look forward to my next visit, whenever that may be.  I am often charmed by the names of English towns…


Tomatillos, Radical Openness and Love

This summer we decided to grow tomatillos in our garden; something we had not done before, although I had seen volunteer tomatillos growing by a riverbank years ago and was…

St. Augustine

The Love of Christ Impels Us

This past July my husband Jim, my son, and some extended family members traveled to Alaska for a long-awaited and joyfully anticipated vacation. While in Homer, however, Jim had a…

Entangled World

Celebrating Interdependence

Question: What does a celebration of interdependence look like to you?  What stories might you tell? The idea of independence is a strong aspect of American cultural identity, and yet,…