Together We Can Change the Direction of the World

Dear Friends of the Center,

Our 2022 December fundraiser was an immense success, thanks to your generosity and support. We were delighted to surpass our goal of $40,000 and will continue to develop programs and webinars to feed the mind and nourish the soul.

Thank you for trusting the work of divine energy in our midst, for striving to see in a new direction, for believing in the power of God to do new things.

Together we can change the direction of this world by revitalizing our essential religious roots and orienting human evolution toward the fullness of love and justice, toward Omega.

A deep, heart-felt thank you to each one of you who has contributed to our vision in one way or another.  For all that has been “thanks”; for all that will be, “yes.”

Sr. Ilia

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