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Embracing Connection: Wireless Signs and the Spirit of Togetherness

Trinity and Personhood

I have been teaching a graduate course on the Trinity this semester and it has impelled me to think anew about the Trinity and what the implications of the Trinity might mean for future planetary life. As I wrote in my last blog, I do not think that we have a functioning trinitarian theology. We have a monarchic theology—a one-stop God—and many people cannot seem to move beyond it. For some people, a ruling divine monarch provides a sense of safety and security. As one parish priest said in a homily after the outbreak of the Gaza war: God is in control.    Last evening, I attended a beautiful Passover celebration and had a lovely conversation with a Rabbi who said to me,...

Coming Home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  In her recent blog, “The Risen Christ and the Power of Love” (April 10, 2022) Ilia Delio wrote with great appreciation for her high school experiences of Ukrainian culture,…


Goodness Will Prevail, Even Among the Ruins

It is now more than two months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the scenes and screams of war have now become familiar news. We in the comfortable West sit in…


Our Team Is Growing!

Welcome Rebecca Mays and Kate Kristiansen to the C4C team! Rebecca is the new Christophany Groups Coordinator. Rebecca is currently Managing Editor for the Dialogue Institute ‘s Journal of Ecumenical Studies,…


Looking at a Buttercup Through Easter Eyes

One of the most remarkable people I have met along this journey of life is the late John Haughey, SJ.  His keen mind was matched by his amusing sense of…


Christophany Group Update: Australia and New Zealand

In our recent meetings we have been focusing on time at commencement of our meetings for some silent reflection in the style of Lectio Divina, choosing readings that relate to…


About Kate Kristiansen

Kate Kristiansen has more than twenty years of experience in digital marketing, publicity, and brand sponsorship development. She has managed marketing for arts and community organizations, institutional banking, major live…


The Risen Christ and the Power of Love

Image: Pysanky (Easter eggs), Kiev, Ukraine   It is day 45 of the Russian War against Ukraine. This evening I am reflecting on the atrocities inflicted upon the Ukrainian people…


Fe en tiempos de guerra

“Fe en tiempos de guerra” “Faith in Time of War” by Ilia Delio translated by Juan V. Fernandez de la Gala En 1953, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin escribió un ensayo…


La Misa Sobre El Mundo (Mass On The World)

La Misa Sobre El Mundo – Mass On The World A Video adaptation of a Teilhard de Chardin text in Spanish with English subtitles Presented by Juan V. Fernández de…

Heart of Matter

Heart of Matter Fallback Image

Heart of Matter: Conscious Evolution

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