Building an Internet of Love

Dear Friends of the Center,

Our June fundraiser has drawn to a close and I am happy to report that we met our anticipated goal thanks to your generous support.  The Center for Christogenesis is reaching minds and hearts around the globe, building an “amornet” or an internet of love.  Our systems have become overly complicated and out of control and we are like scattered fragments in search of a whole.   Love transforms because love unites; only through love can we realize the wholeness we seek.  The Center continues to explore love as the core energy of cosmic life and the ground of life, which is God.

Thank you for helping envision a new planetary community of life.   God can do new things if we awaken to the vitality of our lives deeply entangled with divine love.

Sr. Ilia Delio

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  1. George Marsh on May 31, 2023 at 11:26 pm

    I respect visions of a big, infinite future and an energy-filled movement toward it. At the same time, I want to practice the love tnat comprehends and strives to do justice, so that people and the world can live, grow and flourish. Near term is palpable, long term is for dreams and plans. Christ is Alpha/Omega, and truly my neighbor, most vividly one who suffers. I must see and act where and while I can to heal, feed and tend my fellow holons.


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