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Dear Friends,

At the Center for Christogenesis, we are keenly aware of our fragile world, but we see things from a new perspective.  We see the power of divine love at work, pushing through the limits of the world to shape us into something more beautiful and whole. We see a new role for religion to catalyze our energies, to nurture a zest for life.  We see a role for science revealing the secrets of nature, showing us the incredible and infinite potential of nature to do new things.  We see Science and Religion as partners in the overall flow of life. This is not a dream but our deepest reality. The Center for Christogenesis is committed to a new vision for a new world.  We do not seek to repeat what we have inherited; we seek to build on what we have inherited by looking at it with new eyes and seeing what has not yet been realized. For without a vision, the people perish.

Thank you for your support. You have helped us to realize our vision this year and we are so grateful for your support:

  • We created and launched our new podcast series, “A Hunger for Wholeness” which has received over 6,000 downloads since August.
  • We have hired three (3) new staff this year to deepen the work of the Center
  • Our Christophany groups are now in 12 countries around the world and growing
  • We have gifted several scholarships to support continued education
  • Our webinars and courses have attracted a wide and diverse audience
  • Our annual conference continues to successfully deepen our vision

We Need Your Continued Support.

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These efforts are the beginning of our dream for the Center. As we build a new paradigm of Relational Holism through the integration of Science and Religion, we see the work of the Center expanding by developing Christogenesis in the areas of spirituality, social justice, economics and political action—all these areas could eventually emerge in new ways. I imagine the Center to be like the hub of a giant wheel that moves the earth forward.

This Coming Year We Would Like To:

  • Ignite and activate new educational offerings
  • Expand our Christophany group program
  • Develop a new podcast series on Religion and Technology
  • Increase staff in areas of development and data management
  • Create and evolve our message of hope

I realize these are financially difficult times, but the real value of money is shown when it helps build our lives together. Let us work together to see what is arising ahead of us.  Let us turn hope into reality.

Blessings and peace,
Sr. Ilia Delio

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"Your statement that "Christ does not only belong to the Jesus of history" made my heart leap with joy, resonating a truth of my prayer. I am grateful beyond words for your work."
Lauretta Monise
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