Announcing the New Omega Center Website

Dear Omega Community,

It is with great excitement that we are announcing the relaunched Omega Center website. Please come visit!

Ilia and I have been working closely together for the last few months “making all things new,” redesigning the website in a way consonant with her vision of the unceasingly creative and unifying love of God flowing through all things. Our logo, look and feel, publication, and our foundational statements have been reworked to express this ebullient divine dynamism at the heart of the universe. Please do spend some time to look around—the playful surprise of divine creativity can be found throughout.

Here are some of the new website highlights:

Logo and Aesthetics

Finding our way to a new logo and look for Omega Center was great fun. We developed dozens of variations, looking for the right way to express the energy and novelty of God’s work in the cosmos. Two aspects in the logo were essential: maintaining the Omega symbol—so central to our work and the meaning of Teilhard’s legacy—and showing divine movement, development, openness, and creativity. In the heart of the logo is an “open spiral” that like God-Omega unifies by diversifying, interconnecting through the endless emergence of New Creation. Establishing the logo guided the design, as it reflects this glorious loving vitality that flows throughout created reality.

New Creation Online Magazine

The Omega Center blog has been central to our mission since the beginning of the organization. Ilia’s own essential reflections, as well as pieces from authors writing on many related areas—including science and spirituality, contemplation, diversity, and inclusion, and much more—have been core to our educational work in sharing Ilia’s vision with the world.

Our new online magazine, New Creation, that launches today with the website is an evolution of the blog. We wanted to put forth a bold voice in our name and our approach that captures the meaning of this spiritual and historical moment: something new is coming into our midst. New Creation is a magazine dedicated to that open and creative wholeness that is the dynamic relationship between God, Cosmos, and Humanity—what Ilia names Deep Catholicity, Raimon Pannikar as Cosmotheandric Solidarity, and Richard Rohr as The Universal Christ. In a sense, Creation has always been “new”—as every moment of divine becoming is a fresh revelation—yet I believe we all are cognizant that “something new under the sun” is emerging. The Omega Center seeks to be a midwife of this new creation, a “vanguard servant” that works to bring it into fullness and proclaim its Good News.

Omega Groups

The Omega Center understands that bringing forth this New Creation is not simply a matter of sharing our vision—indeed, it is simply not possible without you all. The true work of transforming our world is in your hands: in local communities worldwide and in the “laboratories of divine love” that is each Omega Group. While we will be doing more in the coming year to support the Omega Groups, our hope is that each group will develop its own unique approach to spiritual embodiment and transformation, offering to the world its singular and distinct reinventions of celebration and ceremony.


More and more people every year are reading Ilia’s books, visiting our website, attending our events, and offering their financial support. We deeply appreciate all our supporters at Omega Center and want the donation experience to be easy and positive. In January, we made the decision to make our digital materials free and open to all, based on the wise counsel of friends and on feedback we received in our community survey. We have streamlined that experience to make sure donation receipts are clear, automatic, and easy to download again later. We have also worked to ensure that every single donor receives our deep gratitude for their support. Thank you for your vision and generosity.

Friends and Future

Dear friends, as always, it is a privilege to be serving this Omega community and helping to share the essential vision of Ilia Delio with the world. We have worked very hard over the last few months to create something new for you and for the world we hope to create together. This has been a big effort across the entire organization and special thanks are owed to the whole team: our patient and supportive Omega Board members; our Communications Manager, Isabelle Robinson, who painstakingly but gleefully helped prepare every single article for relaunch; Steve Clark and his team for their fast and exceptional web design work; and particularly to Ilia, who during her intense writing sabbatical endured the many feverish calls, emails, and texts that big projects always entail. My heartfelt thanks to all.

We hope you are happy, but we also want to hear from you. Gratefully guided by your survey results from the fall, we will be releasing more features and areas of the site over the next year, and we hope to receive your ongoing thoughts and comments as well. As I always ask: contact us! I’ve personally emailed with many of you, spoken with some of you, and even shared a few cups of coffee with local Omegans (great seeing you, Kevin Barr!) who wanted to chat about the meaning of this new creation we are all working to bring forth.

We’re a very small part-time team, and do our best to keep up with emails, but please reach out—we are always listening. For perhaps the deepest meaning of Omega is that we are all in this together, for only in openness to the divine dynamism in and between us, will a new world be possible.

With gratitude,


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New Creation is the Center for Christogenesis online magazine dedicated to deepening our awareness of God, Cosmos, and Humanity in a scientific age.

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