The Center for Christogenesis is a spiritual organization that serves an axial role in our time, bridging faith, science, culture, and community.

The Center builds on the ideas of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
and seeks to actualize his vision of emerging wholeness for a new vitality of the spirit.

Our founder, Ilia Delio, OSF, offers an exploration of the divine as an awareness of God’s loving, dynamic presence.
This is a holistic vision–integrating spirituality, science, and contemplation–and open to all faith traditions.
We seek to extend this vision to all those looking for an innovative spiritual life and a renewed role of religion in the 21st century.

Annual Conference – The Infinite Within – Registration Open!

We are prodigal children of an infinite love. The mounting crises of our time show that we are exhausting our capacity to center our lives in the radiating power of God. We are called to be more. We need to discover the vast inner layers of the human person, not merely to comfort ourselves in mystical depths, but to radiate out with the love from which we are made—to heal our world, save our planet, and bring justice to all. Join us online for our third annual conference, as we seek to meet the infinite within and explore these depths together toward the future of our world and our God.

Limited Seats Available

Upcoming Webinar: Why Do We Fear? Exploring Human Potential In An Age Of Anxiety

We are living in tumultuous times where fear prevails on many sides. The COVID pandemic and imminent presidential election have created a sustained level of panic and anxiety. But why do we fear? This is a question Jesus posed to his disciples. Here we will examine what it means to be a human person in relationship with God, the capacity for the infinite, the courage to transcend where we are, and the creative imagination evoked by the symbol of the risen Christ.

Re-Enchanting the Earth: Why AI Needs Religion

Available Now!!

In her latest book, scientist and theologian Ilia Delio takes up the challenge of reconciling evolution and religion with particular attention to the role of Artificial Intelligence. She argues that AI represents the latest extension of human evolution, which has implications not only for science but also for religion. If the first axial age gave rise to the great religions, she sees us now on the cusp of a second axial age, in which AI, oriented by new religious sensibilities, can bring about an ecological re-enchantment of the earth.

What is God Today?

“What is God Today?” is a Center for Christogenesis video series featuring interviews with Ilia Delio on the meaning of the divine in the 21st century and what God is doing in our midst. Ilia explores major themes of her work and shares a vision of God, cosmos, and humanity that can help heal our troubled world and reveal religion as the most exciting energy of our time.

December 4 | 5:00 pm 5:00 pm

"The Infinite Within: Who we are and what we are called to be" Friday December 4th - Tuesday December 8th An online conference with innovative talks, hands-on workshops, and spiritual practice. _____________ Join us for our third annual conference as we seek to meet the infinite within and explore these depths together toward the future […]

About Ilia Delio

Ilia Delio, OSF is a Franciscan Sister of Washington, DC and American theologian specializing in the area of science and religion, with interests in evolution, physics and neuroscience and the import of these for theology.

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