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  •  Our reflections on writings from Teilhard and those also who have written about his writings, has steadily opened my mind and heart to a new way of being. Most important has been a growing understanding that evolution does not exist outside of us but that we are evolution and in that we are co-creators with ‘God’ in the evolution of the entire cosmos, in which all peoples and all of creation are one. This opens me to see that my life is not ‘insignificant’; every moment, every act, every thought is powerful beyond measure and has a purpose beyond my understanding. –Veronica
  •  At our September 2021 Zoom gathering, as we watched the sun setting at Uluru (courtesy of Margaret being there & having her camera pointed at this spiritual rock), our discussion was a mixture of what is passing and what is emerging as seen through the eyes and minds of each of us. Uluru, the largest monolith in the world in red soil country and spiritual home of the Australian indigenous Aboriginals, is a symbol that the truth of our existence is spiritual – not defined by humans – and it is that which we are all drawn towards in our individual searching.

We live at a time when the “cloud of unknowing” is rising at a rate never experienced by humans before. As it rises day by day our awareness is enhanced and a revised vision appears before us. The Australian Christophany group through the input of each member is assisting to raise that “cloud of unknowing” and the new vision before my eyes is exciting, invigorating as my purpose in being a human on planet earth today becomes clearer to me. The old is fading, the new is emerging, it is the way of nature. We as a species are waking up as we are growing up and evolving into what is emerging.” -Mike

  • Mass on the World from Uluru

On a cold August morning in Uluru Australia, a group of 50 or more people had gathered in the predawn light. With eyes fixed on The Rock, quiet murmurings faded into expectant silence. Words from Teilhard’ Mass on the World became manifest:

Over there, on the horizon, the sun has just touched with light the outermost fringe of the eastern sky. Once again, beneath this moving sheet of fire, the living surface of the earth wakes and trembles..”
Then in the evening as our Christophany group from distance parts Zoomed in for our monthly discussion,  we were one with Nature and The World as the sun set over Uluru.. this time the colours  changing from  purple hues to a brilliant orange. – Margaret


  • Two things kept coming back to me as I pondered the reflections that impacted me in recent months. Both connect to a book that we’ve read together, The Grand Option by Beatrice Bruteau, and I’ve included a couple of quotes from the book that link to these reflections.

 “Whatever the direction, our development will not come upon us automatically by some secret mechanism of nature itself. Any evolutionary advance made in our consciousness now will be made by the exercise of our own freedom. It is up to us to meditate on the meaning of our selfhood, on the alternative states of consciousness open to us, on the patterns by which we may order our experience, and on the kind of growth we want to have.” – p.32

Talking about forgiveness:

“We give forward into the future, for the sake of the future, a future necessarily unknown, subject to free creativity. This is the essence of forgiveness. It is not a statement about the past. It is an act of making the future.” – p.129

– Lynda
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  1. Elizabeth aka Bettina on October 12, 2021 at 11:20 am

    ? spread the good word and believe the “secret embrace”

  2. Clare Pierson on October 12, 2021 at 5:16 pm

    Where is the Christophany group in New Zealand? How does one register a Christophany group?

  3. Marilyn Clare Pierson on October 13, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    Sincere thanks for your response.


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