Christophany Groups

The vision for Christophany Groups is to transform lives and heal our world through communal reflection and collective spiritual practice based in Teilhardian insight.

Where the Center’s online magazine and resources provide conceptual resources for understanding God and Cosmos anew, the Christophany Groups are envisioned as crucibles of transformation wherein these new concepts can find deep spiritual resonance and innovation.

More than simply gatherings for dialogue, we anticipate Christophany Groups ultimately as laboratories of divine love, intimate communal opportunities for the renewal of spirituality. We believe the spiritual yearning of our time will be answered through the earnest experimentation of innovative devotional communities. While we plan to provide intellectual and organizational resources to help these groups grow and flourish, our hope is that each Christophany Group will develop its own unique approach to spiritual embodiment and transformation, offering to the world its singular and distinct reinventions of celebration and ceremony.

There are currently Christophany Groups in the United States (including NY, MI, OH, and IN), Canada, and Australia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are receiving many inquiries to join and create groups, and will be responding as soon as possible.

Read some Christophany groups’ testimonies here.

A testimony from our Vancouver group here.

Join a Group

Please contact us with basic information so we can help match you with groups in your area.

We will seek your approval before reaching out to any groups with your information.

Start a Group

Interested in starting a new Christophany Group in your community? We encourage Christophany Groups to start far and wide, nationally and internationally, in-person or online. Christophany Groups can form around friends, family, thematic interests, or in existing religious communities. Evolution proceeds through experimentation and adaptation, so Christophany Groups can form in any number of innovative ways.

Please see our guidelines and best practices for creating a group, and be sure to get in touch and let us know where your new group is located.

Group Guidelines

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