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  • “I am glad you pointed out the difference between Teilhard’s mystical cosmological based on our new understanding of a dynamic and evolving universe and that of the early mystics who’s insights were grounded in a static universe. I believe Teilhard was the first catholic theologian to attempt to articulate the unity of all being in an evolutionary context.  All of Christian spirituality and contemplation must now make this paradigm shift if we are to provide guidance and meaning in the new ecological age.” -Charlie A.


  • “I am in Australia. One thought I am working with following is my need to keep hold of the concepts of spirit and Spirit while also embracing the love of matter. Spirit is so central to the Bible especially St Paul, and he wasn’t a neo-Platonist. He clearly conceived spirit as an essential element of his being as well as the Being of God. He clearly identified aspects of his experience with his concepts of spirit and Spirit, as in fact I do. Energy and information; Spirit and Word. I do have an experiential sense of Spirit in matter. I commune with rocks! So I can easily think now of the Cosmos as the Body of God, and for the whole of creation to be the incarnation of God which must necessarily include time and hence history. It puts wondering about the possible significance of Christ’s death into a whole new context, the moment when the part experienced the Whole, when incarnated Spirit which is Matter, gave up its Story fully to human consciousness. I have not read much of Teilhard but will. Thanks for the encouragement and insights. -David O.


  • Here is a little reflection that came to mind. I love these two women, have studied them and they are bright navigation lights for my little boat on this Sea of Love. Harry T.

The big San Diego Rose Garden has been cordoned off with yellow police line tape. We looked at the sea of pin points of color from a safe distance from the street in front. The winding sidewalks between the raised beds vacant. Somehow they looked a bit sad and lonely to us.

But then a little perspective creeped into my expert mind. What if the roses were the smart ones? What if they were coming into being in a roar of color, withering, scattering spent peddles on the ground and being reabsorbed into there plants with complete abandon? What if I could somehow digest their acceptance of death and resurrection, their faith in the Ongoing Cycle.

Now however, the roses were looking at us. At the poor humans on the other side of the yellow tape, in the jails of their minds. Marveling at our disconnection to the Cycle of Life. How maybe they were happy at having a vacation from humans putting noses on them and having to pose for pictures with tourist and wayward Dogs peeing.

I had to stop and ask myself, which side of the caution tape do I want to live?


  • “Words cannot express the joy of finding you hearing you speak reading your words equates to hope for me. I experience life , what I know to be true as a cosmological reality connected to the whole and now can use the word cosmic personalization. You are helping me expand my own consciousness expand my vocabulary expand my understanding stretch me further this is neuroplasticity . This is what everyone can experience if they just let go and let God! this is a path to ultra humanity. I live on the West Coast I grew up in New Jersey and Philadelphia. in my own small circle of colleagues here on the West Coast as a Catholic board certified chaplain I find myself in the true minority. I don’t know any chaplains or priest who live life in the kind of wholeness that you speak of. and I believe strongly that living connected to the whole every day that I’m alive is directly responsible for me not being afraid of death now. you mentioned COVID-19 virus that’s going on in the world now and it’s driving two words fear and death. I heard Cynthia Bourgeault say something the other day about it. Whether I live or whether I die I belong to the whole and the whole belongs to me. The world needs true conversion to cosmic wholeness! thank you for your groundbreaking work and research!!!” -Lisa D.

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A love letter to Ilia and Peirre Teilhard de Chardin Dear Ilia, I am so grateful to have found your books, your website, the Omega community and you, the prophet. Of course none of this was accidental. It all started with a car accident on my 21st birthday in 1968. I was driving alone at night, back to my job as a junior housemistress in a rural boarding school in Australia. Only my knee was badly injured in the accident but when I regained consciousness in the ambulance, I was aware of a terrible pain in my chest (bruising from the impact against the steering wheel before seat belts) as I struggled to breathe, it crossed my mind that I might be dying. I remember clearly thinking ‘what did the nuns teach us to do when one is dying?’. I was feeling pretty panicky by now and said the ‘Our Father’ as I was praying I relaxed with great relief because I knew from that moment (since never waived in my whole body conviction), that I actually, after all that teenage angst and doubt , did believe in God and more importantly that he/she believed in me. It was the greatest birthday gift I could have wished for . However it took about 15 years of ‘unfolding’’ to recognise the giftedness of this experience. The freedom of discovering that “faith” is not a noun but a verb of growing and becoming has given me licence to come and go, explore here and there, on and off. From Liberation theology, to the feminist project, sojouning with protestant friends and projects in social justice and ecological activism to Francis’ Laudato Si, the testament in scripture and finally home to the cosmic Christ and Teilhard de Chardin. Recently I get quite giddy, or ‘tipsy’, in awe and wonder at evolutionary creation and sometimes can cry at the privilege of being part of it. When I see an ant, busy about its business, or a weed struggling between the paving stones, I say to them,’even to be one of you would have been a great gig in this universe!, but to be chosen to be human through chance and natural selection, at this time of internet and DNA, to live in this country of security and more than my needs, to be a woman, a mother, grandmother and to have reached this consciousness of ’ unbearable wholeness’ and all that that means takes my breath away, like a car crash! Just one question. I don’t believe in “supernatural” any more. Is that heresy? The more I read about evolutionary biology and ponder on its implications for an evolutionary chistology, the more it seems to me that from the sub atomic to the cosmic scale, natural creativity, interconnectivity, communication networks, diversity, regeneration: have it all in hand. Thus the concept of ’super-nature’ is a tautology. I hope humanity can redeem itself, so that homo sapiens can continue to evolve into communities of healing and peace, but if not, then the infinite impulse will mourn the suffering and loss, but life is’ immortal and love is eternal’ (Bede Jarret) Resurrection goes on in the now, on the cusp of creating the future. Many thanks for your website. People like me need your company and inspiration. Patricia
Patricia Devlin
Monasterevin, co.Kildare.Ireland, AK
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