Christophany Groups: from Vancouver

Testimonial from a Vancouver based group, led by Bart Begalka:

Our Christophany group is fairly new. We began this summer. However, we follow a format that I have been using in in-home groups for the past few years, with the participants being “lapsed Catholics” and “post-evangelicals” – those who consider themselves to have a Christian spirituality, but who are “not religious”.

Because our group is an on-line Zoom group, with participants from California and British Columbia, we were not able to incorporate the pre-meeting potluck, but we follow the format in that we have a time of check-in and a time of meditation. In our check-in time the participants get 10 – 15 minutes each to respond to examen questions, based on Christogenesis guidelines. The meditation time is based on a Quaker meeting format, in which following a prayer we sit in silence together. A person is allowed to intersperse the silence with a short statement, if they feel led (hopefully responding to the Holy Spirit), but no one is allowed to respond. Christophany groups differ based on the needs and desires of the participants. Our group has responded to the desire to have a “support group” for our spiritual journeys. You can find our Vancouver group guidelines here.


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