Community Sharing: Econoeisis: A New Contemplative Paradigm

Community Sharing on Econoeisis: A New Contemplative Paradigm

“Sometimes word pictures help in understanding how all things only appear separate, but at root are one in source, essence and unity. Created entities in the cosmos are as inseparable as the Hawaiian Islands are inseparable beneath the ocean’s surface, emerging from one volcanic “hot spot” of lava flow beneath the big island of Hawaii. (There are 8 major Hawaiian islands, a total of 137 in all.) Sized differently and scattered about, from an aerial view they appear separate. Yet below the surface they are one, sharing an identity in/as lava from a common source. Likewise with the entire created order. Though separation-consciousness (dualistic thinking) is blind to it, the reality of this union is simple and obvious to contemplative consciousness. The distinctions between natural and supernatural, sacred and profane, entity A and B, religion X, Y and Z are a root artificial, existing only in the mind as faulty constructs. Hear ye the parable of the Hawaiian Islands.” —Joe M.

“My husband of 56 years left his bodily form a year ago. I try to explain to people how he still lives and is present ….anywhere I feel loved in the world. He was a form of Love in the world. His particular earthly form is gone but the Love remains. He is still the Love of my life, in my life. He lives!! We don’t die, we appear in different forms. We are all forms of Love in the world. I feel the same way as I read this post. Teilhard LIVES!!!….in you, as you. The same passion for union, the same passionate message for the world, in different form. Thank you for faithfully bearing witness to his Love and Spirit.” —Alice M.

“Great coinage of econoeisis! Your explanation of”new contemplative practice” helped me remember as a teen, the intense sense of God’s love surrounding me lying on a beach on Sacandaga Lake surrounded by the Adirondack mountains. I think more us have and will experience contemplation as you describe it. Once again, gratitude.” —Gail W.

“How we come to love the world will be a major defining factor of our humanity in the coming years and centuries. The earth does not need to be saved by humans, we need to be saved by the earth, by entangling ourselves with its structures and processes. When you come to truly love the world around you, you will be transformed by the matter that makes up the world and the forms of consciousness that arise in the world. Those who have loved a dog, cat or other pet know this to be true in their hearts despite what our first axial culture may say you are supposed to believe about animals (that they are “less than humans”). What we are coming to understand about many other life forms on earth exponentially drives this point home and has major implications for how we might come to learn to live with our planet, not just on the planet. Thanks, Ilia, for your continued wisdom.” —Ben H.

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