Month: February 2022


The Heart of Matter: Change

Tuesday, February 22nd “We have yet to grasp the reality that God is love, and love is dynamic; the fidelity of God’s love lies in love’s nature to change, grow,…


Process, Prophecy, and the Theme of Justice: An Overlooked Relationship

In recent past, the prophetic corpus has gained renewed appreciation among Jews and Christians. Recognized as God’s messengers of justice, many scour the prophetic literature in search of rich and…


The Heart of Matter: Love

Tuesday, February 15th “We can help heal this world and unify it in love, or we can destroy its inner unity by our resistance to evolve in love.” —Ilia Delio,…


Open and Relational Theism: A Challenge for Catholic Theology

Raimon Panikkar, one of the great but hidden lights of the twentieth century, wrote that cosmology and theology are intertwined: there is no cosmology without theology, and no theology without…


Our Eternal Roots

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, and every common bush aflame with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes; The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.”  ~ Elizabeth…


“When I Am Open” by Vonda Drees

+ When I am open, in rushes the whole lit point. I am free again Vonda Drees


“Earth Body” by Sherry Robertson

Earth Body This Earth Body of mountains and valleys, Of caverns and streams of light filled blood, Stretches across the planet Weaving me deeply into the majesty of life. I…


Christophany Groups Update: Iowa

Quest: A New Christophany but Longtime Group Our group began nine years ago when a handful of friends joined for coffee and sharing their concerns about a church no longer…


The Heart of Matter: Creation

Tuesday, February 8th “Creation as incarnation is the process of making whole; evolution itself can be described as the process of making wholes over long periods of time. The incarnation…