“Earth Body” by Sherry Robertson

Earth Body

This Earth Body of mountains and valleys,
Of caverns and streams of light filled blood,
Stretches across the planet
Weaving me deeply into the majesty of life.
I am forever held,
Part yet whole,
Belonging to the Mystery
Woven at the beginning of time.

I live in the Earth.
My cells dance with the cells of Sunflowers
Growing in fields,
With trees swaying in the wind,
With birds in flight,
With all those nestled safely in nests of silent protection.
I live in the Earth, this body of beauty and of pain.

I dance not only with beauty
But with the often, unbearable pain of human existence.
I am both beauty and the horrific violence
That creative awakening can engender.
I am a force that awakens the darkness
Pulling one deeply into Soul,
Where when entering into the world,
I seek to always be held in the Mother’s Heart.

Silence, deep, dark, luminous silence of returning.
The Mother’s Heart waits.
For centuries of exile, She has waited,
Inviting the veils of protective pain to dissolve in Her light.
Waiting silently, robed in the dark luminous substance of Earth
Until one is ready to cross thresholds of mystery,
Openings, the Heart welcoming one to enter, the fullness of Life.

Sherry Robertson 2-8-22

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