This is You, by Francisco Burgos

My stillness in turbulent times
my loaf of bread
my warm beverage on cold mornings
my shelter and dry towel.

The sustaining physics behind my clay vessel
the note that defines my music
my Gabriel’s Oboe
my Leaves of Grass.

This is You
in the breath of those that cannot breathe.
my restorative land
my unrecognizable neighbor
always near and, yet, so far from my heart.

My fountain of hope
the poetry that nurtures my garden
my dance
the bird’s song that shakes my indifference.

This is You
before me as a simple lentil soup.
You on the road
with that piece of cardboard speaking loudly to my soul.

the flower that brings colors to my days
my companion in the journey
the cinnamon in my oatmeal
my baseball hat and my Sun
my silence
the sap that runs through my veins
the roots that connect us all
the canopy of my thoughts
This is You
The strength in my fragility
My love
the small resurrection in my daily rhythm
my water and my rock
my beauty so ancient and so new
the humble touch in a smile
the justice that seasons my peace
you my love
the ocean that always arrives at my sand.

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