Psalms for Praying, An Invitation to Wholeness, by Nan C. Merrill

Psalm 1 

Blessed are those

   who walk hand in hand

  with goodness,

   who stand beside virtue, 

   who sit in the seat of truth;

For their delight is in the Spirit of Love,

    and in Love’s heart they dwell

day and night.

They are like trees planted by

streams of water,

     that yield fruit in due season,

and their leaves flourish;

And in all that they do, they give life.

The unloving are not so;

    they are like dandelions which 

the wind blows away.

Turning from the Heart of Love

    they will know suffering and pain.

They will be isolated from wisdom;

    for Love knows the way of truth,

    the way of ignorance will perish

    As Love’s penetrating Light

breaks through hearts

filled with illusions:

forgiveness is the way.

Psalm 144

Blessed are You, O Radiant One,

  You, who are hidden within

our hearts,

  even as we are hidden within

your Heart!

You invite us to participate in

  the Divine Unfoldment,

As we Awaken from our long sleep

  and give birth to creativity.

Open us that we might recognize the

     divine in every person,

  and become sensitive to all we

     meet along the path.

For you are the Breathing Life of all,

  the infinite and eternal within

     our hearts.

Evoke the Child in our souls,

  that purity and grace might


Infamous with compassion so

  we nurture ourselves and others

     with healing and forgiveness!

Empower us with wisdom and knowledge,

  that we might bring forth

     the Divine Plan!

And let us recognize the Truth

  that clear vision might unfold.

Let us sing a new song to You,

O Beloved;

  with the drums and flutes let us

     express our joy!

You who are Divine Love, receive

     our devotion,

  that we may walk in beauty.

May our heart’s ears heed well

  the Divine Word written on

     every heart,

  that integrity and justice may

     dwell within us.

Let each one be receptive to the

     Spirit that inspires,

  allowing our will to respond

      with action;

And may all judgments and denials

     be released,

  that our souls are freed

     to serve the l

Light with joy!

Thus will we recognize oneness with

  The divine spark dwelling

     within our hearts,

  fanning it to illuminate the way.

Gratitude and inner peace will abide in

     every tranquil soul,

  blessing the universe that

     lovingly cares for us.

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