The Omega Challenge: On Sex, Gender and Personhood

The Omega Challenge:

In a recent post, Ilia answers questions about Sex, Gender and Personhood. On your own or as a group we invite you to reflect on the following questions and share your thoughts in the original article‘s comments section:


  • Do you accept LGBTQ persons for who they are, or do you reject them based on your expectations of gender identity?
  •  In what ways can the Church and religious communities open up to new understandings of personhood today?
  • How might you respond to this statement:  “If God is for us, can the Church be against us?”
  • What is your greatest fear with regard to LGBTQ persons?
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  1. Donal O’Farrell on August 21, 2019 at 8:25 am

    As always, much appreciation for the question and Ilia’s reflections and response.
    I’m left with: a person is a journey into mystery and love. We learn to celebrate the unknown


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