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Tuesday, March 1st

Love always seeks the best for the beloved. Until we grow into this God, who is love, a divine love that draws us from the future into fullness of life, we can never accept the incarnation as the very purpose and goal of this creation.”
—Ilia Delio, The Emergent Christ

“El amor siempre busca lo mejor para el ser amado. Nunca podremos aceptar que la encarnación es el propósito y la meta de la creación si no crecemos en este Dios que es amor, un amor divino que nos lleva del futuro hasta la plenitud de la vida.”
—Ilia Delio, The Emergent Christ


Incarnational Practice: Loving

This week we invite you to look at all the ways your love “seeks the best for the beloved” and thus makes the incarnation come to life.


What is being revealed? What is being moved? What is being asked?


  1. pkdevlin

    For me this quote reveals the eternal presence of love for the beloved, i.e. matter, us: in, with, through our world/existence. Moving into this space, is like returning to the womb of mother/creation. The asking is: that despite the evidence of evil and suffering inflicted by our species, trusting that ‘all’s wel, and all is well (and beloved) in all manner of things’, is a constant challenge to keep on loving and trusting that we are beloved in all matter/s.

  2. Annmary

    Revelation of God’s unconditional love. My heart is moved to receive this unconditional love and asked to share the same with all of creation.

  3. pthomasmcguire

    In this time of World War III in pieces, the great challenge is love those who claim to be our enemy.

  4. Michael Rose

    Beautiful 🙂

    I wonder about “ … draws us from the future into fullness of life,”. I wonder about the word future in this context. How are we drawn from the future that doesn’t exist yet? I notice Teilhard often speaks about from ‘ahead’. This speaks to me more of leading the way, calling us/leading us onward (with us), toward what could-be; greater complexity along with greater capacity for more complex love.

  5. Maria Amélia Carreira

    “Love seeks he best to the beloved”. LOVE is the mystery I move in, changing my reality into a deeper relationship with the divine and the whole creation. It’s my own new creation every “now”, and I receive its power from God’s Grace (LOVE). It’s a hard peaceful challenge in time that becomes Eternal Life.

  6. John M Kennish, PhD

    Evolution brought chemical matter to the point at which life was formed and gradually produced complex organisms with genetic makeup with the potential of evolving into an one capable of love. When Jesus was quizzed by his listeners as to where he received his ideas, he simply pointed out to them that they needed to see the signs and he used the direction of the wind and its impact on the weather. What signs do we have to understand now that we can see the operation and evolution of the whole universe?

  7. Damian Maureira

    On my contemplative spiritual journey I hope to become more aware and be transformed by God’s Spirit of Divine Love within and around us in All Creation in the Sacred Process of the Present Moment….

  8. Damian Maureira

    i’m trying again to post my first comment to Ilia’s new weekly spiritual series:

    I’ve been on a contemplative spiritual journey for many years and my faith and hope is to continue to be purified and transformed with God’s Divine Love in my daily life with others and All Creation in the Sacred Process of the Present Moment….

  9. Duffy

    ‘accept the incarnation as the very purpose and goal of this creation’ – living into the incarnation challenges my tiny self to imagine a participation in ALL.


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