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Tuesday, May 31th

The epic of evolution may be the greatest story ever told because it speaks of the world’s struggle toward an expansive freedom in the presence of self-giving grace. What Darwin showed is that change in the biological world is not due to outside forces or purposeful function of an organism but to aspects within nature itself…
—Ilia Delio, “The Emergent Christ”

“Podemos afirmar que la epopeya de la evolución es la historia más grande jamás contada, porque habla de la lucha por una libertad expansiva en presencia de la generosidad de la gracia. Lo que nos enseñó Darwin es que el cambio en el terreno biológico no se debe a fuerzas exteriores ni a la función intencionada de un organismo, sino a cuestiones que residen en la naturaleza misma.”
—Ilia Delio, “The Emergent Christ”

Incarnational Practice: Evolving

As biological beings how do we see ourselves and the living world around us as part of  the “greatest story ever told”? Put into words – or drawings – an expression of that reality.


What is being revealed? What is being moved? What is being asked?


  1. Darryl Nelson

    It is a source of great wonder to me as I watch plants in my garden evolving and changing as the environment changes. Not all have this capacity. It is mostly about light and the ability to cope with decreased amounts of light. Similarly as the planet gets drier, scientists have noticed some plants adapting better than others to drier conditions.

  2. geemapox

    Cardinal Newman wrote that the one true sign of growth is change. We graduate from school, or we drop out to do what we are drawn to. At best, we think of this change as progress, growth and maturation. It can develop contrarywise as dissolution. With God all things (changes) are not just possible but wonderfully hopeful, creatively positive. Holy Spirit, somehow teach us all (new) things.

  3. pthomasmcguire

    The greatest human evolution is when we come to share in the divinity of Christ: “By the mystery of this water and wine, may we come to share in the divinity of Christ who humbled himself to share in our humanity.” He showed us the WAY.

  4. Susan Niedzielski

    I hear the message this way: RELAX. LET GO. TRUST. SURRENDER. Today I AM the presence of the great I AM. God is LOVE. So I must be as well……every thought and action beyond judgment. BEing love is enough. At least for today. Tomorrow May bring more light.


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