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Ilia DelioGreetings and peace!

In my last blog I indicated that a new name for the Omega Center was on the horizon. After reading your comments (thank you very much!) I closed my eyes to rest my concussed brain and the word “Christic” came into view. I knew immediately this was the new name for the Omega Center: “The Christic Center.” I added to this name the mission of the Center: “Spiritual Convergence and Transformation.” This is the heart of Teilhard’s vision expounded in his mystical essay, “The Christic,” composed in March 1955. In this essay he brings together the convergence of the universe, the emergence of Christ and a Christified universe, all of which are summed up in the evolution of life toward Omega. I encourage you to read this essay and reflect on it (

For Teilhard, Christ is Omega, Divine love, incarnate throughout all of life, is brought to conscious expression and response in a personal center of love—Jesus, the Christ. The human person is the universe on the level of self-consciousness and has the capacity to respond to God’s love by remaining in love (cf. John 15:4), acting from love, and orienting one’s whole life toward the fullness of love. The mission of the Christic Center is to return to the heart of the Good News, the personalization of divine love at the heart of matter, to reframe Christianity as a religion of the whole and hence a religion of the earth, and to renew the energies of love on the level of politics, economics, ecology and culture.

I will have more to say in the future but for now let us reflect on The Christic Center and how we can continue to participate in the “amorization” of the universe through spiritual convergence and transformation.

We will retain the name “Omega Center” for business purposes but “Christic Center” for the public domain. Donations via check can still be made to the Omega Center. Over the next month we will be updating our website and materials with our new name and logo.

Thank you for your continued support, your prayers and the many ways you contribute to this awakening of God’s immeasurable love at the heart of our lives.

Sr. Ilia

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Ilia...imagine me sitting in a little adobe house here in a Zapotec pueblo where we have been 18 yrs as Lay missioners. I am listening to everything I can find on YouTube as you explain the new paradigm for this axial moment in our ongoing evolution. I listen many times because it is a new language and I am 81. I just want to give you a big hug because you put it all together and help me also to understand better Teilhard whom I love and hope I didnt misspell his name. I pray for you and all this hope in the midst of chaos which will move us on. Thank you
Mary Gill
San Andre's Huayapam, Oaxaca Mexico, OR
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