Prayer for My New Shoes, by Juan V. Fernández de la Gala

Good Father God,
I thank you for my new shoes
and also for my old ones.

You, who look with a Father’s loving indulgence
on each of my steps on Earth,
make me value this privilege that is to have them
in a world where so many go barefoot.

Keep my shoes on the happy course of your ways;
make them know how to jump puddles, obstructions and trials
and not just the pleasure of the sanctuary of my house.

And that I too keep,
at the beginning of each day,
like when I was a kid,
that same renewed joy of one who wears,
today, once again
new shoes.

Juan V. Fernández de la Gala, Spain
(Translated from Spanish to English)


Dios Padre bueno,
te doy gracias por mis zapatos nuevos
y también por mis viejos zapatos.

Tú, que miras con cariño indulgente de Padre
cada uno de mis pasos en la Tierra,
haz que valore este privilegio sin mérito que es tenerlos
en un mundo donde tantos van descalzos.

Haz que mis zapatos puedan seguir siempre
el rumbo feliz de tus caminos;
que sepan pisar charcos, andamios y talleres
y no solo la alfombra mullida de mi casa.

Y que conserve yo también,
al empezar cada jornada,
como cuando era niño,
esa misma alegría renovada
de quien estrena,
hoy también,
zapatos nuevos.

Juan V. Fernández de la Gala, Spain
(Original Spanish Version)

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  1. Kay Jackson on December 6, 2023 at 6:14 am

    In many ways putting on a pair of “new shoes” is much like taking on “the path less traveled”. At first, pinching occurs and blisters may form even when the shoes are most prized! Then slowly, as time passes, the shoes become familiar and formed to our feet and stride-just as a new path becomes less cumbersome as we reach comfort with the new topography.
    This Advent, may the ” new shoes ” love begin to mold and shape my being.

  2. Juan Valentín Fernández de la Gala on September 13, 2023 at 1:51 pm

    Thanks a lot!

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