Love In A Fractured World: August, 2016


August’s theme: Love in a Fractured World: Exploring the deeper meaning of love as the root and source of existence itself.
As we continue to add new content and explore our monthly themes, we hope you will join the discussion by submitting your questions via the “Leave a Reply” form on this page. Ilia will compile the questions received and respond in a video at the end of each month. 


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  1. Frank S on August 29, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    dear ilia, AWE-some inaugural invitation to all the omega center partners and all open to “see-ing” with one’s heart the truth that Love is what we were born of, what animates our true-est being, and what we are destined for undivided unity with: LOVE.
    with deepest humble gratitude for you, and your drawing us deeper into our true being.
    your brother frank

    brie, if you are able to read as well: many thanks to you for all you have done and are doing (and will continue to do) to bring this into being.

    ilia and brie: also, commenting here as a “beta” test of the omega center system to give you a test email reply. hope you get this!


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