June Reflection

June is a special month at the Center for Christogenesis. Each year, our staff takes time to reflect on our mission and vision. We take time to revisit our goals for engaging with our community and bringing the Teilhardian vision of Ilia Delio to life in our world. 

This month our staff took time to think about what it means to truly see with eyes that are open to a deeply interconnected world. Teilhard de Chardin writes in How I Believe about the forces of entropy and arrangement in the world. Without the ability to truly see the world, to reflect on the interconnectedness of all materiality, we can quickly become subject to the forces of entropy. You see, for Teilhard, the world isn’t something that “happens” to us – we are not meant to be overwhelmed by the forces of entropy. The human person, through deepening her vision, can overcome the forces of entropy and take part in the arrangement of the universe in evolution. As human persons, we are evolution become conscious of itself. 

Teilhard’s vision of the human person and evolution is a vision of hope. He places a positive view on the value of science and technology and creates a religious vision that embraces cosmic and biological evolution that recognizes change as part of life, and God is at home in change. Most of all, it is a vision grounded in the energy of love. Despite the forces of entropy we have the capacity for a unified planet because love is the physical structure of the universe. When we are able to see anew and recognize our lives as vital in the deepening of the universe in evolution, we move toward a deeper unity in love.

As our month of “Seeing Anew” draws to a close, it is my sincere hope that you all were able to take some time to read, reflect, and practice seeing anew together through our emails and coffee hours. While the “Center for Christogenesis” may be an online forum, the real Christogenic center is each person:  the center is you! When we learn to see anew, we move toward a deeper wholeness in love, together.

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