2022 Gold Nautilus Book Award

“The Hours of the Universe” by Ilia Delio has won a 2022 Gold Nautilus Book Award.

“In a traditional monastery the recitation of the Hours calls to mind the work of God in our lives, from the gift of creation to the sufferings we bear. According to scientist, theologian, and author Ilia Delio, the universe is the new monastery. In her latest work she offers reflections for this new monastery to a broad, general audience seeking new meaning and purpose in today’s world.”
You can purchase that book here: https://amzn.to/392YniA
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  1. Joe Masterleo on June 9, 2022 at 12:40 pm

    Good showing, Ilia. Congratulations. Well deserved, I’m sure. Will have to get a copy.

  2. Joe Masterleo on June 10, 2022 at 10:06 pm

    Look no further than Genesis as proof that the universe is not only the “new monastery,” but to awakened souls, always has been. The only thing new in the world is the history that we don’t know. As God is one and undivided, known by many names, so the books of science, nature, Scripture and psychology are ONE book manifesting the same dispersed and diffracted energy (light) vibrating at different frequencies. Such allows the entire created order (basically stardust) to appear (or evolute) in a variety of visible and invisible forms from a singularity (the Alpha), only to return again (involute) to origins in the same singularity (the Omega), as in an electric circuit. This circuit or cycle functions in much the same way as other ebb and flow cycles in nature, like the tides, the seasons, the diastole and systole of a heartbeat, or the inhaling and exhaling of respiration. “His going out is from one end of heaven, and his circuit even to the other end” (Ps.18:7). To illustrate: In the book of Genesis, it is recorded that the patriarch Jacob was unaware of the omnipresence of divinity as this light (aureole) swaddling creation at all scales, and was astonished that Jehovah should thus reveal himself as such far away from the shrines, ceremonies, and religious institutions of his youth. Awakening from the slumber of his spiritual sleep, he was given a vision of this stairway (ladder) of light to heaven, complete with ascending and descending elements (ethereal entities on this spectrum of light). Shaken to the core with awe and wonder, he named the location Bethel, which means “house of God.” Such was Jacob’s awe-filled (awe-ful) awakening that God’s house is EVERYWHERE, in a two-way interconnecting continuum (ladder) of light flowing to and fro on a continuum from the eternal into the field of space-time. Said awakening Jacob, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not . . . this is none other than the house of God, and the gate of heaven” (Gen.28: 16-17). Jacob realized that the house of God and gate of heaven are EVERYWHERE. Like Jacob, a broader spirituality of SPACE (the formless) is to replace one’s narrow religious perspective of PLACE (forms, religions and dogmas) as the residing place of God. To those who can see, divinity hides everywhere in plain sight. Listen to Ilia. As divinity is wont to do, she comes to us from the future bringing good tidings of things to come.


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