Heart of Matter: Nature Reveals Wholeness

“Nature reveals intrinsic wholeness,  but the whole is not constrained by biological life; rather on the level of the human person the whole is open to becoming more whole, orientated to transcend itself, as life stretches toward absolute unity.”
“La naturaleza nos revela la totalidad intrínseca, pero ese todo no se limita a la vida biológica; sino que, a nivel de la persona humana, el todo está abierto a volverse más completo y está orientado a trascenderse a sí mismo, mientras la vida se extiende hacia la unidad absoluta.”
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  1. Joe Masterleo on May 5, 2023 at 3:16 pm

    Prayer is good, George, and may hasten the coming King’s 2nd arrival, and healing/wholing remedies for the planet. Humanity’s record ain’t so hot in so doing, and it’s religions haven’t helped. On the practical side, the credible data out there says there’s maybe 25-30 years of bio-viability left. Most don’t know that the last 100 years were lost in overcoming same by not utilizing secreted technology that’s been developed for almost that long, nor do they know how or why. Look for a credible tell-all documentary explaining same debuting 6/6/23, ‘The Lost Hundred Years,’ headed by Steven Greer MD, of the Disclosure Project. If u want to know what a modern day prophet looks and sounds like, best tune in.

  2. George Marsh on May 4, 2023 at 10:13 am

    Joe, it’s perfectly clear to me that the world, by and large, may not welcome the Universal Christ; but countless folks yearn for what and who was promised. They (you and I too) pray that wholeness grows healthier by the nanosecond, that their prayers will be fulfilled that the reign of the great spirit will come more fully, to the utmost.

  3. Joe Masterleo on May 4, 2023 at 6:48 am

    Those parts of nature that remain unspoiled by our species are already liminally whole, creation expressed as a balanced tension between the visible and invisible worlds. En masse, humans have yet to attain the kind of liminal or unitive consciousness necessary to strike the same balance required to see, understand, value, and preserve that sacred balance in themselves, others, and nature. The old perennial archetypes, motifs, and principles will always be there. Like bread, their ingredients need to be freshly baked, told and retold in a new story with a new, universally applicable icon that identifies the energy behind it all, oriented to a common center. Not a tribal or sectarian center (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, etc.), using the lingo and rituals thereof, not even one of the planet. But one more inclusive of them all. Until that happens, a new story for a new social, global, and truly cosmic unitive consciousness to rally around will not have taken place. And the truly Cosmic or Universal Christ will remain a fugitive at large among us, unrecognized, unknown, and unwelcome, a stranger in a strange and divided world.

  4. Jane Reina on May 3, 2023 at 8:57 pm

    Entering into the bee drawing honey from the flower and the pollen gathering on it’s legs, the feeling of the intrinsic life of interdependence came over me. It feels as if wholeness is the common good and therefore the common goal, that is the good of all species.

    Wholeness is the journey and there may or may not be a destination in this life and beyond. The journey of the flower:
    the flower, the blossom, bursts forth in exquisite perfection and beauty for the purpose of offering itself to the bee for the bee’s well being;
    for continuation of the flower’s genus propagation;
    to seduce human’s with its beauty so that we believe in beauty;
    to die and nourish the soil from which it got its life.
    It’s wholeness offered to the bee; it’s wholeness offered to us
    So that the bee and we can come closer and yet not arrive at wholeness.
    Rev. Jane Reina, ECC, Denver CO

  5. George Marsh on May 3, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    Carrie Roach, I humbly bow in agreement. The universe with or without voices and backbones is too wonderful to evaluate as more or less valuable. Thank you.

  6. Maria Amélia Carreira on May 3, 2023 at 6:34 pm

    Nature and cosmic life are truly beautiful in teir wholeness. Wholeness in the human person is open to become more whole. The person longs to transcend and become a hymn to unity.

  7. GeorgeMarsh on May 3, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    Evolution shows that, over eons, smaller life forms have grown larger, larger life forms have failed to adapt and have thus vanished along with forms that were too small to survive. Simple forms have grown more complex, and overly complex forms have streamlined to become more efficient. We humans may lament the loss of some species (today especially as we blame global overheating). We also may express concern as society shows signs of regression, in wars, colonialism, bigotry in some areas if not everywhere. Yet the growth /evolution of societies toward more universal positive traits like democracies and wider acceptance of non-standard human qualities all give me the confidence that Life is benign, positively creative and wholesomely transformative.

  8. carrie roach on May 3, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    Let us not sit on the shelf, pretty. https://youtu.be/YBCsF8hQK1M
    A fifth of animals without backbones could be at risk of extinction, say scientists.

    —BBC Nature News

    Ask me if I speak for the snail and I will tell you
    I speak for the snail.
    speak of underneathedness
    and the welcome of mosses,
    of life that springs up,
    little lives that pull back and wait for a moment.

    I speak for the damselfly, water skeet, mollusk,
    the caterpillar, the beetle, the spider, the ant.
    I speak
    from the time before spinelessness was frowned upon.

    Ask me if I speak for the moon jelly. I will tell you
    one thing today and another tomorrow
    and I will be as consistent as anything alive
    on this earth.

    I move as the currents move, with the breezes.

    What part of your nature drives you? You, in your cubicle
    ought to understand me. I filter and filter and filter all day.

    Ask me if I speak for the nautilus and I will be silent
    as the nautilus shell on a shelf. I can be beautiful
    and useless if that’s all you know to ask of me.

    Ask me what I know of longing and I will speak of distances
    between meadows of night-blooming flowers.
    I will speak
    the impossible hope of the firefly.

    You with the candle

    burning and only one chair at your table must understand
    such wordless desire.

    To say it is mindless is missing the point.

    Copyright © 2012 by Camille Dungy. Used with permission of the author.


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