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The Innkeeper

“There was no room in the inn, but God came anyway.” – James Finley + “It is a good thing to make room for the unwelcome, the unexpected, and the vulnerable holy family that is the human race to enter...

Christ the Evolver

“Christ the Evolver” is a piece influenced by the life of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the concept of the third, and cosmic nature, of Christ. The piece attempts to reimagine one of the oldest Christian icons, the...

The Threshold

Where do you find yourself? On the path, safe within the guard rails? In the wild grasses, wandering? By the door? At the threshold? On the other side? At the edge of the sky? Where are you on your...

Parts of the Whole

“Parts of the Whole” was created after attending a symposium with Ilia Delio: “The holysun Rising over the whole earth, Chistifying the world Into a new day. The news is sad and  ugly Because we are created For...

The Magnificent Cosmos

In the background of this painting is the Hubble deep field that became visible for the first time in a most remarkable photograph taken from outer space by the Hubble telescope. The telescope, with the lens open for an extended...


This painting is about ultimate connection – or discernible pattern; maybe the same thing, and both sacred. It uses the golden spiral and the flower of life (sacred geometry) to show how they can be seen within a simple...

About Visio Divina

Visio Divina is a New Creation art gallery that invites us to explore the dynamic unity of God, cosmos, and humanity through the contemplative engagement of images. Visio Divina, or “divine seeing,” shares a history with the ancient practice of lectio divina, through which religious scripture was read through the heart as well as through the mind.

Photographs, paintings, performance pieces, sculpture, icons, and other images will be offered here as a perceptual encounter of the divine love that flows in, through, and as all things. Visio Divina is a hope that we can see with fresh eyes and an open heart, transforming our world and ourselves through the depth and richness of the visual field.

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"Your statement that "Christ does not only belong to the Jesus of history" made my heart leap with joy, resonating a truth of my prayer. I am grateful beyond words for your work."
Lauretta Monise
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