Coastal Abstractions

Recently, we caught up with Artist, Isabelle Robinson on her recent piece Home, as part of her ‘Coastal Reflections’ art exhibition.

When broken objects lose their function and are discarded as being useless, they lose their very reason for being. By uniting them into a new wholeness, Isabelle aims at rediscovering their innate beauty, giving them a new identity which goes beyond what they can “do”. In that space where the broken meet, they can become whole again and find new life.

Isabelle studied at the School of the Louvre, and the Institute of Art and Archeology at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. She also lent her creative skills to the Center for Christogenesis as the Marketing Manager before leaving to pursue her art full-time.

To create her assemblages Isabelle gathers broken objects found randomly on empty streets, sunny beaches or in the depths of the woods, combining them to create new “wholes.” By doing so she breaks the boundaries of each object’s function and gives them a new identity through their connections to others.

Isabelle ‘s paintings address the subterranean terrain of one’s inner and outer levels of being and how they connect to each other.

This latest piece is her most personal to date: the concrete piece came from her childhood home in France and the oyster shell from her current seaside home in the US. Both pieces so far from each other and yet forming a whole. Across time and space.

For information about Isabelle’s art:

If you are in the Annapolis, MD region, check out Isabelle’s latest art exhibition: “Coastal Abstractions” at Jo Fleming Contemporary Art Gallery

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