Month: October 2017


A Reply To Richard Rohr On The Cosmic Christ

In this blog Ilia Delio considers recent reflections offered by Richard Rohr on the Cosmic Christ, and provides some additional thoughts. See THE COSMIC CHRIST by Richard Rohr, and REDISCOVERING THE UNIVERSAL…

figure gazing at night sky

Rediscovering The Universal Christ

An audio interview with Fr. Richard Rohr In this interview Brie Stoner engages in conversation with Fr. Richard Rohr, covering a number of topics in a forthcoming book he’s in…


Quote – Ilia – same currents

“The same currents that run through our human blood also run through the swirling galaxies…one and the same evolutionary movement moves through all—a single self-transcending current of all-pervading energy that…


Quote – Teilhard – Bless you matter

“I bless you matter…I acclaim you as the divine milieu, charged with creative power, as the ocean stirred by the Spirit, as the clay molded and infused with life by…


Quote – Richard Rohr – Holy matter

“Matter has become a holy thing and the material world is the place where we can comfortably worship God just by walking on matter, by loving it, by respecting it.”

Northern Lights

The Cosmic Christ

The following is used with permission by the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC), first published in Daily Meditations November 5, 2015 Franciscan mysticism has a unique place in the…