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Dear Friends,


I am very proud and happy to announce that the Center for Christogenesis has received its very first grant! The Trust for the Meditation Process will be providing funding to create a video series on a unique “Teilhardian Contemplative Practice” to fully harness the paradigm-shifting potential of Christian contemplation in an age of epochal change.

A Teilhardian approach to contemplation releases the full force of its meditative potential to transform our troubled world. It moves us beyond individualistic therapeutic concerns to a vision where through contemplative practice and depth we take our place as humble and passionate co-creators of God’s cosmos with the power and responsibility to create a better world together.

Our project is to produce a series of instructional contemplative videos based on a one-day event to be led by Cynthia Bourgeault and Ilia Delio at the Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Pennsylvania for a small group of experienced spiritual practitioners. The video series will be filmed live on-site, to capture the “dynamic silence” of an experienced group of practitioners breaking new contemplative ground. This live event will take place in Autumn 2021 and the video series will be available by the end of next year.

Special thanks are owed to our amazing volunteer development manager, Martha Ann Carey, who worked closely with me in crafting our successful application; to Cynthia, for enduring numerous coffee-fueled conceptual conversations; and finally to Ilia, whose brilliant work never ceases to inspire a better future.

Together in Christogenesis,

Gregory Hansell
Executive Director

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I am so grateful for the new insights every day the conference helped me to realise that , whereas we are a small flock, we do have the hi=wire of the Spirit in our hand' and in our hearts. This is the great I AM' we're dealing with who is dealing with us, it's so exciting
Anthony Nicholls
Kenikworth South Africa, IL
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