To Be Free: Imaginations by Ilia Delio

Every present moment is a chance to be free. May we take a step forward to a greater understanding of our connection to each other, resurrecting a new future, a new beginning.

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  1. Barb Miller on April 11, 2023 at 11:33 am

    Somewhere around 1959 or 1960, I learned about atoms. I also remember a movie in which a scientist put his hand through a wall. That’s when I began to view matter/spirit as variation in density rather than two different things. Possibly any spiritual growth I’ve experienced has formed on that foundation. It was a simplistic understanding at the time. Learning about quantum science, Cynthia Bourgeault’s map, “in “Eye of the Heart” of the realms and listening to Ilia Delio, explodes my sense of consciousness yet it brings me right to my everyday world. This growing understand of Christ/matter has been extremely helpful yet it has also taken a great deal of pain and surrender to find myself in love with everything and everyone. And, still surrendering and still growing.

  2. GeorgeMarsh on April 10, 2023 at 10:34 am

    Ilia’s imagining is uplifting. As so much of human and other creation is wounded and dying, there is no denying her truth. Jesus rose into the universal Christ, and here we grow! Yet the call to prudence (be trusting as doves and cunning as serpents) remains valid for people with their eyes and ears attuned to so much (though not all) in our experience.

  3. Joe Masterleo on April 10, 2023 at 8:01 am

    There are still too many tribes and walled in-groups — in economics, politics, and religion. In religion, crosses, and stars of David, crescents, and such. As soon as u have a tribal symbol, you have a commitment to something that is in-group and no longer functioning in a future looking way. A universal mythological symbol informed by a science-spirituality model is needed, a circle oriented to a center or void that orients them all to itself and each other, because the center is everywhere — a metaphor that points to the spiritual reality we all share, not to be concretized or tribalized. And there are plenty of recurring universal, mythological archetypes to pick from that appear in all cultures, if one bothers to look. And they’re of no particular time,place,or people, but apply to all. But one must look, think, and see beyond the group-think walls to an integral model, a synthesis few traditionalists, for all their talk of oneness, are willing to do.

  4. Cheryl on April 10, 2023 at 3:06 am

    Commentary is an unworthy transmitter… too harsh? then maybe, just one new trembling voice out from a chorus, or a single slice of pizza…My words are so heavy and dull compared to the freely given abundant beauty and light filled conscious love of the glory of God made visible in part, here before my eyes, through your generous acceptance of the eternally new invitation of the Risen Christ, rising now in me, in you, as we, behold the gift you present to us herein, born by His call on your life, and re yes re minding us to open our ears to the Spirit within, pouring love on our hardened hearts. O glory to God in the highest!

    Thank you very very much for this glimpse into the newness of life awaiting our acceptance.


  5. Maria Julia Ruggier on April 10, 2023 at 2:32 am

    This Christian Message and video ,is the best,for being clear and real, that I have encountered in my 76 years of Christian life .I suppose, I did a turn from darkness into some sort of light when I was 19 years old .However I also suppose that if not for Ilia and others that affirm my past experience ,I probably would have fallen into darkness again .Still however ,I know that I never stopped serching .And the Joy that came ounce to me never left me so far .I know I am still proclaming my little ego but also in this way trying to connect with others that think likewise .Thank you Ilia for your persistent messages of Good News.

  6. Angela Creagh on April 10, 2023 at 1:58 am

    A wonderful encouraging message in a time of transition for me.
    Thank you so much, in gratitude, Angela ❤️


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