The Heart of Matter

A Weekly Reflection from the Center for Christogenesis

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Introduction & Purpose

The Heart of Matter isa weekly email series from the Center for Christogenesis. 

Designed to deepen both the reader’s understanding, each weekly email will focus on a passage of Ilia’s work that expands the Center’s vision. The hope is to educate and assist moving these insights from the head to the heart. 

Each weekly email will also be posted below in the Weekly Reflection sections, where you can browse back through previous reflections, as well as share comments and engage in discussion with the Center for Christogenesis community. We invite you to share your challenges, experiences, and breakthroughs with us and with each other. Only together will we transform our world and increase the love at the heart of the universe. 

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Deepening Your Understanding

Every Tuesday we will email you a passage from one of Ilia’s books to ponder. The temptation is great to jump from one quote to another, from one reading to another without truly visiting, without taking the time to get to know what those words bring to our own, unique, always unfolding journey. So our invitation to you will be to read those passages each day during that week to discover their untapped riches.

What is being revealed? What is being moved?  This can be challenging because those quotes will be short and seemingly straightforward but staying with them longer will break them open to new growths. This will be an opportunity to meet something in the text that nourishes and challenges, something to wrestle with and grow into. Day after day let those words open your heart and guide you.

“This series is excellent. It really brings in the matter-energy that we are—how those words on a page that convey insight, get translated or transformed into our active energy body.”
Ilia Delio

Founder, Center for Christogenesis

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