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Tuesday, May 3rd

“Where there is Christ there is complementarity of opposites and thus unity in love; hence, where there is Christ, there is peace. Evolution toward unity in love is evolution toward peace.”
—Ilia Delio, “The Emergent Christ”

“Allí donde está Cristo hay complementariedad de opuestos y, por tanto, unidad en el amor; por eso, donde está Cristo hay paz. La evolución hacia la unidad en el amor es evolución hacia la paz.”
—Ilia Delio, “The Emergent Christ”

Incarnational Practice: Natura Divina

Using the image above or a view of nature in your own neighborhood, let your gaze wander and stops wherever you feel drawn by what you see. Open your eyes to the ineffable depths of the matter that surrounds you and become one in heart with the tree, the stone, the snow,or the flower standing in front of you. Explore what it reflects about your own life.especially in bringing opposites into wholeness.


What is being revealed? What is being moved? What is being asked?


  1. jsbrissa

    Flowers in spring remind me of new life. New life and change is all around us. Please, O Holy One, help me see your goodness in all there is!

  2. pthomasmcguire

    “The Way begets One; One begets Two; Two begets Three; Three begets the myriad creatures. The myriad creatures bear on their backs the Yin and embrace in their arms the Yang and are the blending of the generative forces of the two.”
    Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching Ch 2:42

    Did Lao Tzu point to a significant way God, as Trinity, shows the WAY to harmony and unity?

  3. martinamillerfowley

    Oh – reading that I had a visceral reaction inside my heart and body and mind … things settled and then there was an outward motion to the opposites in our world. Thank you!

  4. geemapox

    A contrast of animal figures provokes thought. Am I a jackal or a giraffe? The jackal’s head and eyes point down cynically at the wrongs and sins of life. The giraffe, with his long neck, sees the big picture, so he is wise; and with her largest heart among animals, she is compassionate. So I would be a giraffe. (Ideas from a Mr. Brown) Jesus, though, told us to be meek as doves and cunning as serpents. Amen.

  5. darrylandmaryDarryl Nelson

    The swamp paperbarks behind my house
    Silent sentinels of the scenery
    Holding the soil together providing stability
    Providing a never ending supply of insects
    To the female koel who feasts daily at dawn and dusk.
    They survey the park and countless joggers and dog walkers
    And electric scooter enthusiasts.
    They supervise the mangrove marine reserve
    And point the way to eternity.

  6. pkdevlin

    I am standing on the towpath looking at the female swan (Pen) on her nest of eight eggs and at the dandelion flower swelling with seeds below her withering petals and share the experience of motherhood in common. We bring out fruit to ripen and free them into the world where they blossom fly away on the winds and become . My child, her cygnet and dandelion’s gossamer of seeds!

  7. Myrt Rollins

    Yielding to God’s Love and Will: Isn’t this what we were made for? Practically it begins now at home in every contact, and it should extend to traffic, to the street and to every part of our living and working as you have suggested. I pray each day with the song words: To Do Your Will is my desire; to live in You, Lord is my life; to spread Your Love to all earth; to find in You the Joy of Life!

  8. Darryl Nelson

    I recommend yielding as a discipline in driving. It offers a rare interactive moment with strangers. We know not what impact it might have on those strangers, but it at least creates an atmosphere of mutually shared unselfishness.

  9. Gail Waring RSM

    Yielding my opinion, listening to understand a different opinion.

  10. Annmary Andrews

    The revelation is that God is love. I am moved to experience this in the ordinariness if my day today life and I am asked to surrender to God’s unconditional love and to let others and the nature around me to experience the same. Thank you for reading this.

  11. Susan Niedzielski

    When I Forrest bathe I feel the peace of no judgment. Sitting with eyes open I see the trees in shapes that vary, colors that vary, leaves that vary, with roots that speak along with creatures like birds and insects and mammals when my eyes are closed. Loving LIFE in all its possibilities.
    It helps me feel my human existence a part of it all.


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