The Heart of Matter – Evolution is the way God is present

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Tuesday, July 19th

Teilhard de Chardin believed that evolution is the way God is present to creation and said that Christians should love evolution because of its God-centeredness.

—Ilia Delio, “The Emergent Christ”


Teilhard de Chardin creía que la evolución es el modo en que Dios está presente en la creación y decía que los cristianos deberíamos amar la evolución, precisamente por estar centrada en Dios.

—Ilia Delio, “The Emergent Christ”


What is being revealed? What is being moved? 


  1. Darryl Nelson

    We are all part of an evolving cosmos. Created out of love by God who is love.

  2. Realized One

    He saw the fire in the heart of matter, which animates all creation.It flows from the One into the many..And, drawn together through Evolution, all things return to the eternally self perfecting One.

  3. Annmary

    We evolve along with the whole of creation and the ever live and active presence of God is revealed each moment.

  4. Gail RSM

    “Teilhard de Chardin believed that evolution is the way God is present to creation and said that Christians should love evolution because of its God-centeredness.” I just enjoyed two days of reflection on Thomas Merton’s “Hagia Sophia” in a retreat this week on Images of God in Thomas Merton and Teilhard deChardin. Zoom retreat at Maryknoll Institute given COVID uptick. The feminine Sophia, the manifestation of God is playing in creation and moving us forward with her joyfulness.

  5. Jim Schulte

    When I was a kid, my parents visited their home town in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. My dad’s parents lived on a high hill outside that tiny
    hamlet. One night grandpa woke me up and said,
    “Jim, wake up, come, see!” At age 10, I climbed
    out of bed and followed him to the backyard. We
    looked up and I was star struck. Endless beauty.

    Now I’m 76. Each morning a voice,
    “Come, see.” I walk to the deck. Birds, flowers, insects, sunrise……a little kid watching the same endless Mystery. Thank you, Teilhard.

  6. Susan Masiak

    I’ve only one question about evolution as the way God ‘s incarnation in creation: What exactly do we mean by God’s ‘love’? An integral part of evolution is what we can summarize as ‘survival of the fittest’. There are ‘winners’ (who continue the evolutionary process) and ‘losers’. All participants are driven to ‘win’ — often at the expense of others. Utter disregard for the lives of other life forms is the norm. Either the hawk’s chicks starve or the fieldmouse it chases is dismembered and dies. To me, this implies God ‘loves’ in/through creation but not individual creatures. I may be OK with that idea but would like someone please explain how this is ‘love’ — to me it rather seems like a process ‘designed’ for some to succeed in a most ‘unloving’ way. Can someone please help me look at it through another lens?


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