Towards the Metahuman in 2024

We are on the cusp of a New Year and the crystal ball in New York City, marking the new year, will soon be released in Times Square. While we…

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Lean On The Future

Dear Friends, We are entering a season of Thanksgiving and grace in a world besieged by war and violence. There are wars within and wars without. Anxiety and fear are…


Heart of Matter: A Process of Faith

“What appears to the sciences as a process of cosmogenesis is seen from the perspective of faith to be a process of Christogenesis.” Ilia Delio, Making All Things New “Lo…

Jesus Divine Heart

Heart of Matter: What God Does in Jesus

“If we proclaim that Jesus is truly God and truly human, then we are also saying that what God does in Jesus is what God has been doing since the…

Underwater view of the sea surface

Science Without Religion is Like an Ocean Without Water

Teilhard de Chardin was a scientist who thought of science as a process; he found joy in exploring the unknown mysteries of matter. In a small essay on the “The Spiritual Power of Matter,” he tells the story of two travelers in the desert, one seeks spiritual truth by leaving the world, the other is lured by matter as the realm of the Absolute. To survive, he must wrestle with Matter and see what it reveals.

In the Dreamy psychedelic space landscape, there is a field of stars that goes on forever. In the middle of this landscape is a brightly colored nebula. This nebula has many colors including blue, pur

Heart of Matter: A Mysterious Beginning of Wholeness

“Life and consciousness emerge from a mysterious beginning of wholeness and are moving toward greater wholeness, more consciousness, and life.” Ilia Delio, Making All Things New “La vida y la…

National diversity. People of different appearance and nationality stand in a circle together and hold hands. Team building and partnership business concept

Heart of Matter: Create New Meaning Together

“As evolution continues and technology advances humankind, religions have to create new meaning together in the creation of a new global society of world citizens.” Ilia Delio, Making All Things…

Plastic bottles and waste washed up on a beach. Micro plastic sea pollution. Generative AI

Heart of Matter: Human Activity Matters

Computer technology extends the outreach of human activity, but it depends on a broader use of human activity and how humans will control psychic, spiritual energy needs, and powers. Ilia…

Shared Humanity: An abstract graphic showcasing interconnected circles representing diverse individuals, highlighting the shared responsibility towards creating a better world | generative ai

Heart of Matter: The Noosphere

  “The noosphere is a level of shared consciousness that transcends boundaries of religion, culture, or ethnicity.” Based on works by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin & Ilia Delio, Making All…