Shared Humanity: An abstract graphic showcasing interconnected circles representing diverse individuals, highlighting the shared responsibility towards creating a better world | generative ai

Heart of Matter: The Noosphere

  “The noosphere is a level of shared consciousness that transcends boundaries of religion, culture, or ethnicity.” Based on works by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin & Ilia Delio, Making All…

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Rebirthing Religion

In his most recent book, What to believe? Twelve Brief Lessons in Radical Theology, Villanova philosopher, John Caputo, lays out one of the most accessible (and witty) descriptions of radical…

The Illuminated Path of Rebirth: A Soul's Journey - Generative AI 64

Heart of Matter: Super-Consciousness

“Teilhard saw the insufficiency of science alone to affect the transition to super-consciousness, that is, to effectively usher in the next stage of life.” Ilia Delio, Making All Things New…

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Heart of Matter: What is the Noosphere?

“The noosphere is a new stage for the renewal of life and not a radical break with biological life.” Based on works by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin & Ilia Delio,…

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Heart of Matter: The Stuff of Life

Tuesday, July 25, 2023 To love God is to love the cosmos, the earth, the body, materiality—the stuff of life—which is one with God without being identical to God. Ilia…


Whitehead & Teilhard: Convergences, Divergences, Integrations

Read more about Whitehead & Teilhard: Convergences, Divergences, Integrations. A conference in September co-sponsored by C4C.


Heart of Matter: Transhumanism

Tuesday, July 11, 2023 “Although there are a wide range of technologies today to enhance human life, the term transhumanism refers to technologies that can improve mental and physical aspects of the…

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Heart of Matter: Meaningful Technology

“Whereas in the past religion fulfilled the need for transcendence by harnessing the powers of the spirit, now technology is supplanting the role of religion to connect us in a…

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Faith Under-Reconstruction

I imagine my faith surrounded with “Under Reconstruction” roadsigns. I am among multitudes of “Former Christians.” We move along a broad spectrum including “new atheists,” “nones” (no religious affiliation checking…