Heart of Matter: Super-Consciousness

“Teilhard saw the insufficiency of science alone to affect the transition to super-consciousness, that is, to effectively usher in the next stage of life.”

Ilia Delio, Making All Things New


“Teilhard percibió la insuficiencia de la ciencia por sí sola para permitir la transición a la súper-conciencia, es decir, para marcar adecuadamente el comienzo de la siguiente etapa de la vida.”

Ilia Delio, Making All Things New

What is being asked?
What is being moved?

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  1. Joe Masteleo on August 9, 2023 at 2:19 pm

    Though it wasn’t always that way, academic and scientific communities are nowadays exclusively wedded (and limited) to empirical knowledge-base paradigms in attempting to comprehend the whole, thereby hamstringing themselves in the pursuit of integral truth. In its allegiance to religious tradition and dogma, theology isn’t far behind in being likewise ineffectual. Metaphysics and philosophy are now speculative disciplines that are poor substitutes for the undiscovered facts of physics. When physics is better understood, particularly along quantum lines, there will be little need for metaphysics, theology, or philosophy as a means or arriving at an understanding of the whole, or higher order truth. The only way of arriving at the latter is via a balanced blend of what the whole requires to comprehend itself in unitive consciousness. Such is only attained by a healthy mix of the rational, transrational, and intuitive dimensions of knowledge and knowing in a full-orbed way. Currently, that leaves a handful of mystics, “the least of these,” the only ones equipped to build a synthesis from the bottom-up. Which is why, as a whole, the planet and its noosphere are arrested in their evolution, continuing to develop at a pace infinitely slower than the forces of entropy. Such will be the trend until the last shall become first in a major corporate reshuffling of the earth’s money, power, politics, and priorities.

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