Prime by Ilia Delio, Hours of the Universe

Creation flows from the fountain fullness
Of creative energy,
Springing from a creative and dynamic Source of Love.
Relational, personal, generative, communicative
Spilling over on the canvass of space-time;
Creation is like a song
That flows in the most beautiful of harmonies.

What could possibly account for such
Creative beauty bubbling up
Into life?
Could it be
The Beauty of Life itself,
A Divine community of Love?

Creation is a work of Art
And the Artist is a whole
Community painting
As I write.
Not one person but
Interlocking creative energies of 
Divine Persons.
How could I possibly know this,
Unless I am somehow—mysteriously—
Related to the
Creating Persons?

Which makes me a personal
Created co-creator
Of an ongoing vision I can
barely detect.
But the vision grows within me
When my ego gets out of the way,
And I can see
For a brief moment,
A Radiant Wholeness
in Love.

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