October Interview: Love In The Midst Of Suffering

An interview with ILIA DELIO

For this bonus fifth Monday in October we’re offering something a little different in the form of an audio recording. In this interview Brie Stoner dialogues with Ilia Delio on the October topic explored on the Omega Center:

What does it mean to say ‘God is Love’ in a world of violence and suffering?

As the conversation unfolds Brie and Ilia speak about the power of presence, embodiment, and imagination, and the importance of hope in the midst of current events and heightened friction in our world.


DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE (Chrome, Safari, IE, and other browsers right-click & save to download)

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  1. Gail Waring RSM on October 31, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    I have been thinking about the words “flattening out”, “thinning out” as used with consciousness, the mind, interiority, and time in the audiotape of October 31 and a previous blog from Ilia. The words convey an image that is congruent with my experience of being present with a friend who is experiencing prolonged suffering and dying. It seems to me that her “thinning out” is movement toward a deeper consciousness, while my experiencing of this painful time is feeling drained and definitely thinned out. I found the conversation about personal agency and the power of the will very helpful and think it will help me to choose to continue to be present with more life, which is what I want.


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