Let’s Raise Consciousness Through Ethical Technology

My name is Kate Kristiansen and I work at the Center for Christogenesis. As a marketer, I am full of enthusiasm for the direction of our work. It is with a deep sense of care and responsibility that we use technology. Humans and technology working together, is here. Our choice of introducing AI art for this campaign is a way to evoke conversation around these shifting times. Technology is not just an evolutionary novelty; we are codependents of its presence in our world.  Our aim is to combine wisdom and technology, creating a planetary sapience. By introducing wisdom into technology, we can choose to influence how we think about ourselves and the world. Technology can help us form a collective “us,” to collaborate and converge our energies for the greater whole and not to avert our eyes to the dynamism of life. All of us must unite to help raise the vitality of consciousness through ethical technology; to connect life and matter. When we created our June fundraiser, ChatGPT-4 could not create a more novel idea different from our own.  By using our creative thoughts, however, an AI tool was able to create the art we incorporated into the fundraiser. Our team collaborated with AI to further our Center’s mission of developing cosmotheandric love.

We humans need to be working with technology, to develop these tools for the betterment of the whole.  Otherwise, how can our world evolve towards a higher level of consciousness? Making something new begins with real humans doing good with technology. As the world evolves, so do the needs of our organization; we need your support to go forward. May we benefit from your continued support to keep this global work alive. Thank you!

Kate Kristiansen

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