Justice for George

Lord, We thank you for bringing justice to light,

To know that every life is Your life, Your image.

Help us to realize that You love each person with an eternal love,

And to know that the death of an innocent person is your death as well.

Turn our hearts in a new direction, O God, where we can begin

To see you shining in the face

of every single person,

without judgment,

For in You, we are One family, sisters and brothers,

United in the divine energies of Your love.

Help us to see clearly, O God, a way out of this darkness.

And to know that you are one of us.





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  1. Mary Motte, fmm on April 30, 2021 at 8:46 am

    Ilia, Many thanks for the great contribution of Christogenesis! Assurance of Best Wishes and support. mary motte, fmm


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