Ilia Delio Changed My Life and Can Change Yours

God works in mysterious ways, and as any reader of Teilhard and Ilia Delio knows, that includes the recommendation algorithms of It was on that website, in the “Books You Might Also Like” section, that I first discovered Ilia’s work and purchased Making All Things New. This was just four years ago—during a period of deep introspection, prayer, and personal transformation—when I opened the cover, started reading, and embarked upon a grand adventure.

Because of Ilia Delio everything has changed and I know my life will never be the same again.

Ilia’s vision of a whole-making, evolutionary divine love is both a homecoming and a bold venturing forth. She helps us find the authentic meaning of what St. Augustine called our deepest inside and our most transcendent beyond. I found in her work both what I had long been seeking and also direction in where I was going. In the four years since first reading Ilia’s work, I joined her at Villanova University as a doctoral student working at the intersection of science and religion, and shortly after jumped from running global software projects in the lucrative technology industry to join her as the Executive Director of the Omega Center.

I changed my life because Ilia Delio is the most important spiritual voice of our era.

Our tumultuous times cry out for a religious consciousness that can transcend our differences and make us whole, thus answering the call of the global emergencies that confront us: environmental, cultural, and economic. As today’s heir to the Teilhardian legacy, Ilia offers a vision of a planetary faith, a harnessing of the transformative power of religion wherein we love and honor our divine creator by loving God’s Creation: dedicating ourselves to the flourishing and happiness of all peoples, all creatures great and small, all technologies that usher in our future, and to the preservation of our Earthly home.

I ask you to join me in being a part of Ilia’s vision and the Omega community. Please get engaged on our website, attend our upcoming December conference, and participate in our quarterly video conversations. Please also consider supporting us financially during our current June fundraising drive, as we absolutely need your help to grow this vision and organization. Give what you can and consider becoming a monthly donor that supports us with an ongoing commitment. We literally cannot do this without you.

Friends, we are all in this together, and Ilia needs our help to share her vision and transform our world. Join us!

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"Thank you for your thoughtful words and time Sr. Ilia. I've been uncomfortable with my incomplete life for my entire life and have never had the words to name that feeling. It explains a lot. Thank you."
Michael Smith
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