What is God Today? God as Love

“Love is always a little tipsy and falling over itself.
God is like that. That absolute being in love,
always a little tipsy, always falling over God’s self
to share that love within other”.

– Ilia Delio

Ilia Delio, in this second video of our seven-part series on “What is God Today?”, explores God As Love: “Everything thing that exists—every person, every being, every creation, every star, every lepton, every cell, is a little word of the Word of God.” – Ilia

At the center of Ilia’s work and at the core of the Omega Center’s vision is this understanding of God as Love: an outpouring Divine Love at the heart of the cosmos, giving forth in and through all things, making all things new.


by Jennifer Wallace


You know, love is always a little tipsy.If you’re really ecstatically in love, you are always a little bit falling over yourself and God is that.

I think God is the absolute being in love and always a little tipsy, falling over God’s self to share that love with an other. And terefore that dynamic engagement of God in the personal beingness of life, in the person of Jesus Chris— if we bring in Jesus as that fullest manifestation of God’s love. In our own lives.

I think this is right from Pseudo-Dionysius, the 5 th century writer who spoke of God as being superly drunk, drunk with love. That’s the kind of God we are dealing with here. Not some kind of the philosopher God, not the mechanical God, not a self-thinking, thought God…this is a God who is drunk with love. Spilling over in love for us. And that’s what we are called to be. As image of God we are to be drunk with love, spilling over in our lives to be love in relation to another.

Every thing that exists, every person, every being, every creature every star, every lepton every little cell is a little word of the word of god…god speaking that divine word of love throughout the rich variety of creation.

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What is God Today?

What is God Today? is an Center for Christogenesis video series featuring interviews with Ilia Delio on the meaning of the divine in the 21st century and what God is doing in our midst. Watch the Series

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Ilia, your courage is admirable. I believe and hope that the morphogenic fields of higher conscious and evolution like Christogenesis will eventually form and become the critical mass that leads to change. I see that embodied in you.
Jean Louise Bachetti
Scranton, PA
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