What is God Today? God and the Future

“God is the future, God is the unlimited horizon of infinite possibilities.
That future is now.” – Ilia Delio

Ilia Delio, in this seventh and final video of our seven-part series on “What is God Today?”, explores God and the Future: “God is the hope, God is the promise, and God is the lure that this life is open to the fullness of life ahead.”


by Jennifer Wallace


God is the future—because God is that ultimate horizon, that infinite horizon, that ultimate being in love. “That which no greater can be thought,” to use the words of Anselm of Canterbury. And therefore, God is always the unlimited horizon of infinite possibilities. God is always more than what we can think or imagine. That future in now. That future has broken into our mediocre, everyday lives. And that future is always beckoning us.

We want a God who will take care of us. But God is saying “No, I’ll take care of you by being for you and by being for you I will liberate you. I will be with you as you create, as you imagine, as you join together, as you resist, as you create new structures, as you cyborgize, as you trust in the future that is yours and mine together.

God is not going to do anything for us without us. And so, what we are is that we are not just subjects under God. We are co-creators with God and God is creating with us.

Trust the future? Absolutely. And I think what we need is a new faith in the future. A new faith in the future is a new faith in the world—that this world can become a new place of community, a new place of beingness, a new place of participation.

God is the realm of infinite possibilities, the infinite horizon of our desires, the ever-near-ness of fidelity in love. And therefore, God is the hope and the promise and the lure that this life is open to the fullness of life ahead.

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