Franciscan Wisdom in an Age of Science by Dr. Delio

The incarnational spirituality of Francis of Assisi revealed the world of matter as the place of divine diaphony. His fraternal relationships with all of creation revealed his embeddedness in the cosmos, joining with all creation in the glory of God. This talk explores how Francis’s spirituality resonates with key aspects of modern science and resonates with the philosophy of the new materialisms and posthumanism.

Brought to you by the Franciscan School of Theology:

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  1. Joe Masterleo on February 1, 2022 at 10:13 am

    In the entire universe there is only energy and consciousness, two facets of a unified whole that link material and spiritual energy together, making them a continuity in which all things consist and cohere. The highest, or spiritual end of this organic continuum is known by different names in different religions worldwide. It was incarnated in Jesus, who became Christ, in whom all lines converge, complete one another and interlock, and where all impurities and diversities melt away. In material form, the proper domain of physics, this energy-consciousness (or Spirit) is foundational to all things visible. Though unseen, its everywhere abundant in so-called empty space. Just as the same food stuffs can fuel actions both wise and foolish, this energy can be drawn upon for either good or ill, enhancing or diminishing the life of the whole, and its constituent parts. In that regard, contrary to what the public is being “fed,” there is no global energy crisis. Rather, there NEED be no energy crisis of this sort, or climate change, or food insecurity of the magnitude now existent. That’s because the means of extracting this free energy from empty space has been developed. Properly directed, it can be deployed for general use worldwide in addressing these global maladies, reversing them in less than one generation. Engineered from off-world intelligences with technological capabilities far exceeding our own, it is instead being secreted, hoarded, and weaponized by the power brokers of our day, and with no public accountability. Science, technology, and extrasensory consciousness can be dangerous in the wrong hands, particularly in human power structures. And that is not good. Like legendary Prometheus, those who steal fire from the gods in this way are playing dice with the devil and will ultimately wield his sword.


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