This painting is about ultimate connection – or discernible pattern; maybe the same thing, and both sacred. It uses the golden spiral and the flower of life (sacred geometry) to show how they can be seen within a simple forest image (or anywhere.) – or possibly missed but still there.

The egg is an expression of how all things are constantly giving birth to the same pattern of wholeness, often missed and “underground” only, and the sun repeats this for us as well.

The spiral is about process, and natural process as a root for BE-ing.

The tree is reaching out and listening. It is the voice of us who experience it all, can listen, can reach, can feel, can take it in.

There is more in this painting than even I know – as the color and shapes came very spontaneously and from a place of presence, prayer, meditation, open-ness. Sometimes the artistic process is one of only being the flute – the music plays though it. I like this piece because while it is very “simple” and imperfect, it gives voice to much more, like a child’s painting. It makes it clear that I am not the ONE in control. Life happens and it is all holy.

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